Freshen up your workplace policies and procedures and book an HR Health check today!

Ensuring that you have the healthiest workforce, is not just about looking after individual employees, but about making sure that your business is fresh, healthy, and of course compliant. From time to time, all businesses should take a look at their own practices to ensure that they are not just compliant but that they are being proactive. Booking an HR Health check is a great way to do this and that’s where I can help.

HR Healthcheck

Whether you don’t have an HR function just yet or whether it’s time to review or refresh your existing structure, an HR Health Check is a great place to start.  It will look at your present HR and Legal compliances, from policies and procedures, sector and legal requirements, essentially ensuring that you have all of the necessary documents, systems, and information. It will also take a glance at the structure that you have presently and the roles within your organisation.

The HR Health check will include:

  • Answering some really straightforward questions about your business and what you already have in place
  • Sharing your policies and procedures list or employee handbook example
  • Take a look at an example of your job descriptions, KPI or PDP documents.
  • Having a 20-30 minute discussion with me by zoom/skype/phone
  • I’ll provide you with a HR checklist feedback document that will help you to identify any policies that might need to be reviewed, updated, or implemented and advice on compensation and benefits, onboarding and recruitment, compensation and benefits, wellbeing, performance, and key documents and processes.
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HR Audit

Once you’ve been provided with an HR Health Check or if you would prefer to go straight ahead and book an HR Audit, I can offer a much more comprehensive service for you.  This is a chargeable service included in one of my bundles, or for a one-off cost of £200.

The HR Audit will include:

  • Where possible an onsite audit visit would be booked or a 1-hour zoom/skype call which would allow me to understand the full scope of the required audit, business size, and the nature of the work that you do.
  • Access to your employee handbook or policies and procedures
  • Access to any internal Employee Hub or Employee Benefits system
  • Understanding of your organisational objectives and strategy
  • Access to any performance systems, compensation structures, or benefits packages
  • You will receive a full audit report which will provide updated templates, suggestions, and actions that should take place to bring you back to HR compliance.
  • A full breakdown of any additional work which would need to be implemented, alongside timescales is included.​

HR Audits are an excellent way to fully review your business, help key stakeholders understand the work required to be fully compliant, and are a useful tool for sharing with shareholders and directors.

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HR Products

A contract of employment forms the legal relationship between you and your employee.

Having a contract will set out a clear framework for the working relationship in terms of what is expected from both parties. When you consider the different forms of employment today, from freelancers and agency work to self-employment agreements and temporary workers, it is not difficult to see how things can quickly get confusing.

Not only do you need to make sure that these contracts are in line with the law, but they must protect you and your business too.

An Employee Handbook is something that employees can refer to during important circumstances related to their work, such as a disciplinary procedure or when taking time off work for illness. They would be an essential reference for both managers and employees in the unfortunate incidence of a dispute.

Business owners and directors need an Employee Handbook to ensure that they follow company procedures and have plans in place for issues that could arise with the workforce.

It helps to ensure a consistent approach to employees when problems occur and maintain objectivity.

We offer a the following Product Bundles:

  • Employee contract & employee handbook bundle £499
  • Employee contract template – various available £149
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