Over on Facebook last month I have been chatting a lot about ‘shining bright’ and how to highlight the best version of you when applying for new roles. I have a little group, all with great tips and hints too. I have been talking about how we can learn how to shine out at job interviews, update our CV and most importantly recognise what makes each of us unique and special.

In the UK we are typically not the best at putting ourselves out there and embracing our skills and what makes us great. So I decided to practice what I preach today and share with you some of what makes me shine bright from the competition.

  1. Passion – I am passionate about a good number of things in life, so when it comes to HR, I am really passionate about getting the best solution for you (as a business or individual).
  2. Getting it done – I am just one of those people that you can rely on to get it done. I am what’s known as a ‘completer finisher’ by trade, so if you need those loose ends managed, something started, or something closed, I am your woman!
  3. Down to earth – I have always believed that people are the heart of any business and for that reason, it’s so important to be relatable to everyone in that business. You need to have walked the walk, talked the talk, and if you haven’t at least understand and be empathetic towards those that are.
  4. Articulate-I believe in keeping things simple, relatable, and easy to understand when it comes to HR matters. Employment Law is fascinating to me, but not to everyone, and sometimes you just need a ‘to-do list’ or the facts.
  5. Knowledgeable- With almost twenty years of experience in HR and the workplace, I’ve seen a good amount and I’ve supported a number of businesses. I’ve seen all sorts of employee relations and I’ve been there. I’m also a mum and parent of two children, so I’ve had experienced maternity leave and all that sometimes goes with it.
  6. Determined- I’m not one to accept defeat very easily and for that reason, I am great at being flexible, looking for solutions or alternatives, and helping to provide something ‘fresh’ when it comes to HR. Sometimes the very best solutions are right there, at the heart of a good debate or discussion.
  7. Flexible & Fair – I work with my clients, not for them, I look for solutions and I recognise their timeframes and how to work towards them. I don’t believe in a ‘one rule fits all’ approach. I treat my clients fairly, as I would want to be treated and I would much rather they were honest than waste time.
  8. Affordable – I spent a lot of time researching what I thought was a ‘fair’ rate for my services and for HR support services. There is always an affordable way in which to look at HR Support and how to make it work best for you.
  9. I like People – In fact I love people and I really find one of the privileges of my job is that I get to meet all sorts of people and understand what they do. Us HR folk often get a bit of a reputation for not liking folk and I do everything that I can to change that, we are not and should not be the enemy of your business.
  10. Vibrant – I love colour, I like to wear colourful clothes, funky accessories, change my hair all the time and embrace vibrancy! I am a glass is half full person and I encourage those that I work with to at least consider doing so, it’s not for everyone, otherwise, that would be no fun at all, but there is always the openness to try.

Thanks for reading! What makes you shine bright? Tell me something amazing about you!