Laura Walker - Founder

People come first, it’s that simple for me. I am passionate about employee wellbeing, and I personally believe that creating a loyal and empowered workforce is fundamental to every businesses’ success.  If you strive towards that goal, you will make your organisation a greater place to work.

With over 20 years of experience in generalist HR, I decided that 2019 was the year to launch my own HR Consultancy business. Having had a four-year HR career break to have my family and have felt the need for a more flexible approach to employment, my desire to support both individuals and businesses in accessing good, affordable HR advice has grown.

I have spent the last few years raising my children but also volunteering locally, setting up a community centre and charity, and watching the world of HR and business from the outside in,  I’ve gained invaluable skills during that time, which have only enhanced my understanding and love of all things people.

Having worked in a variety of sectors, I have gained a substantial range of skills and an in-depth understanding of people, culture, and their importance within the workplace.  Working both for not-for-profit and profit-based industries has allowed me to comprehend strategic direction and the nuances of people management and development.

I can support you as an individual in HR matters and I can support you as a business owner to strengthen your resources, understand your challenges and provide insight and empower your workforce. From policies and procedures to employee relations or organisational strategy I am here to help.

Principles Of Our Work


I believe that Honesty and Trust are essential when carrying out client work and from very early on in proceedings, I always encourage clients to be as honest and open as they can be when detailing what their need support with.  Integrity is a critical principle when proving legal and business advice to clients and is a value that I believe all employers should seek when looking for a HR support service.  I consider myself trustworthy, dependable and principled when it comes to delivering a HR service for you.


When choosing Fresh Solutions HR, you are gaining not just mine but all of my collaborative services knowledge and experience. With knowledge gained from a variety of industry sectors, I work with trusted companies to support the delivery of employee relations, redundancy, employment law, TUPE, Financial services. Employee wellbeing and more.  Amongst us we have experiencing spanning up to 40 years experience, which puts as at the forefront of HR consultancy and provision.  I have always believed in working collaboratively and continue to do so. Take a look at the collaborations section.


Openness and two way communication for me are key in achieving transparency, not just in my work, but across the clients that I support and my fees and structure.  I believe in clear fees, no strings attached mentality. I also expect the same when it comes to clients; being open about your business, your challenges and what you want to achieve is paramount. In over two decades of experience in HR, I have heard, witnessed and experienced a lot, so there are not many surprises!

People Centric

People are at the heart of every organisation and whilst a lot of my client work is focused on employee relations issues within their organisation, I believe that it is prudent to always encourage clients to reflect on how the situation could have arisen as well.  It’s not about taking sides, it’s about finding the best resolution for everyone. I have always believed that HR should be there to support the business, drive forward change and not to be a gatekeeper or policy queen. Likewise, I do encourage all clients to consider the value of their workforce too.


Employee wellbeing, for me, is key to the success of a business and I always encourage my clients to manage the process of communication and management of their teams, with an understanding around wellbeing. Wellbeing is not just a buzz word and a passing trend and at Fresh Solutions HR, it’s critical to our success and that of our clients.  I am a fully trained Mental Health First Aider, training beyond birth practitioner and have many years of experience of working with clients to engage their workforces. I work with a fantastic client in the wellbeing space, who you can read more about in the collaborative section.

Clients Testimonials

Jane, Hertfordshire

Laura supported me on an individual basis when I recently took voluntary redundancy. She encouraged me to think outside of the box, be true to myself, and gave great HR advice. Highly recommend her.

Charlotte, Surrey

Whilst on Maternity Leave, my employer approached me very early on, asking when I would e returning to work…I had a three-month-old baby. I contacted Laura and she was so clear in what I needed to do and listened to all of my concerns. She drafted a wonderful letter to my employer, who stepped back and allowed me time and space to set out a formal flexible working request four months later. I am so grateful to have used Laura. 

Kathryn, London

I worked alongside Laura in Learning and Development and always found her a pleasure to work with. She’s creative, social, understanding of project management timeframes, and is always, always able to see the bigger picture and see something through to the end, a true completer finisher!

Fresh Solutions HR